May Meeting Follow-Up

We had a splendid time this past Tuesday. Bob Sachs led us through some great problems involving sums of series. We first examined triangular numbers in depth, and then we tried to determine the value of the sums 12 + 22 + 32 + … + n2 and 13 + 23 + 33 + … + n3.

The last problem we explored was a cliffhanger — we didn’t find a general formula for the sum before we left, and perhaps you’ll enjoy playing with it. Can you find a general formula for the following sum?

1 × 2 + 2 × 3 + 3 × 4 + … + n(n + 1)

Although our meetings are on hiatus for the summer, be sure to subscribe to this blog! We’ll post problems throughout the summer, to give you some things to think about while relaxing at the beach.

NoVaMTC meetings will resume in the fall. Please complete the two surveys below so that we know your preferences for when to meet. (Check all that apply.)



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